What could be the secret of a forest ?

It took me a really long time of meditation trying to figure out what could be a forest hiding ?

Eventually , i thought of an interesting idea that suddenly jumped in my head ;

So read it slowly and enjoy it 🙂 ..


There was a forest somewhere in the world , known with it’s great weather , tall trees , wonderful animals and amazing sights ..


However , we all know , perfection does not exist 😉 .. No one  truely knew the secret behind those shiny sunbeams ..

An old man once said about those woods  : “appearances can be deceiving , be careful of what those shiny sunbeams can hide” ..

What he was trying to tell us ?

Well , there was a cave on the top of the woods .. no body ever reached it because it’s too high , it almost touched the sky !

this cave is full of mystery and darkness . They say that a young man once climbed his way up to that cave , but never came back ..

what happened to him? is he still alive ? did he die ?

This young man explored the cave , wanted to take some photographs of it’s lovely figure .

But then , a creature came out , a big unknown animal hidden in that dark cave.

what is this animal? how is he surviving in such circumstances?what did he do to our young adventurer?


a lot of questions that neened to be answered !

This huge animal , is a rare creature from a very rare species . No one knows what it’s called , so we can name it ‘THE MONSTER’ . He eats rocks and metals. he is used to darkness and cannot handle sunshine .that’s why he chose that cave as a home.

When this young man showed up , the monster attacked him instantly . the man  couldn’t move , it was the first time he ever saw such a huge creature in his life .

what the legend says about monsters ” never make eye contact or provoke in any way” ..

our young adventurer didn’t know that . he just stood there looking at it , wondering what will happen.

the beast wouldn’t move , it had a weakness spot , he cannot handle seeing sun .

he tried to attack him , but he escaped to light . he run away , he was terrified , he fell and hit his head . he died.

the beast couldn’t follow him of course ..

im sure that all of you are thinking about how scary this monster is for getting this yound person killed.

how hidious it could be ..


the truth is  , it isn’t a monster , it’s a rare animal ,grew big for eating rocks and rough grass that countains high amount of proteins and mineral elements .

it wasn’t going to attack the man , because it’s not a beast. it’s just an animal that couldn’t even harm a rabbit .

it’s used to grass not humain flesh ..


Well , the point is , like i said earlier “appearances can be deceiving” ^^

Never judge too quickley  . You never know who’ll get hurt because of your lack of courtesy .



This forest’s secret wasn’t that extra ordinary but at least it could teach wise perspectives ..

I just wanted to share something more interesting ..I hope you liked it..


Feel free to comment =)