So the first time i read the challenge post , i kept thinking what are the ten things i love the most ? ..


Then , 10 things jumped into my mind .

FIRST : Three days grace . It’s a rock band that i really like . i know all their songs and i wish my friends  would share my taste of music ! their music makes me wonder why does anybody would run away from his life searching for perfection that doesn’t even exist . IT’S NEVER TOO LATE  to make u’r world better =)


SECOND : Freud . When a teenager is asked about his idole , he tends to talk about a singer , a dancer , .. But mine is different . He’s the founding father of psychoanalysis . He developped therapeutic techniques that helped many patients get over their illness which -before Sigmund Freud- had no cure . This man went beyond the pale . For me , he saved humanity


THIRD : Shopping . It’s my remedy . When i go  shopping , i feel  free espacially after a bad day .. i just like picking out outfits , sandals , high heels, accessories and hand bags .. maybe for some of you ( guys) it’s stupid but for me it’s very important for us to chose our own style !


FORTH : FAVOURITE BOOK : Being a tunisian girl makes my 2nd language Frensh . so i read a lot of frensh books and my favourite one is “l’étranger” by ‘Albert Camus’ = “The stranger” . It’s more like a philosophic story about the life of an algerian man who lives in France . He commits murder but Albert Camus makes you feel like he’s not guilty by his words’ manipulation . Anyways , i read this book many times and it’s really life changing .


FIFTH : FAVOURITE MOVIE : The illusionist . Well , it’s a philosophical film for open minded people with great sense of intelligence . an amazing movie about magic and illusion AND it criticizes injustice and unfairness .. A must watch film .


SIXTH :  a blog post that i’ve written . this post  is one of the most touching of all my posts . What makes it special is that it’s really significant and it affected many people . when i wrote it , i knew it would be good to read but i didn’t know it will be this GREAT. i am very proud of my work and i am glad that i had the chance to express what i really feel about the loss of a loved one .


SEVENTH : Hawaii <3 . If would wake up in any place in the world next morning , it would certainly be HAWAII . It’s the perfect place to relax , enjoy calm and peace . Nature will communicate with you and make you feel you are not alone .. There , i’ll find my true self and clear my head . My dream is to go to Hawaii and never come back .


EIGHTH : My life . it’s strange but i love my life , i love my friends , my family , my religion , my way of living and my entourage . i can’t ask for more and i thank ALLAH for everything . I am thankful , and i don’t want to look for perfection , we can just take our own little thing and make it perfect 🙂 . Life is too short to be unsatisfied .just enjoy it .


NINTH : Food . i just love food . i am skinny but i eat very much . When i get angry , excited , happy , tired => i eat haha . It is kind of ridiculous but i do eat a lot and i am ashamed of it .


TENTH : Like they say , always save the best for the last : well my tenth favourite thing is YOU 😉 . yes it’s you 😉 .. i like people , i like talking to people , make new friends and communicate  . i like being helpful and kind . i love smiling and sharing . i give and i don’t expect anything in return . 🙂 it’s what makes me happy about who i am .


I hope u all enjoyed this post about favourites and like always , feel free to comment 😀 .


7 thoughts on “TEN OF THE BEST

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  2. Congratulation arwa!!!

    You’ve Done it!
    Miss. W’s point of view for Challenge 8 has been announced and you are one of the few bloggers who has been chosen. 🙂
    I wish you the best in your life and I hope you continue sharing your experiences and feelings and knowledge by using weblog.
    I am so glad that had you in my group and hope hearing from you every now and then.

    Take good care and enjoy the life

    Astaneh (Challenge Mentor)

  3. I’m proud of you Arwa, I’m deeply touched. Congratulations, you are talented and of the rarest talented pupils I had. Wish you all the best.
    Please, remember that you’ve a got a duty towards your readers, we ‘ll be eager to read what you write. Don’t stop writing.

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