you all have certainely heard about this event : earth hour 2013 !

It’s about turning off the lights for an hour in more than 152 countries around the world ! This event -which is dedicated to protect the planet , save mother nature and help create a better life for next generations – took place in my country TUNISIA 🙂 and im very proud to share with you our earth hour 2013 experience in Tunis Capital , Habib Bourguiba 23rd March =D

It all started at 8h30 P.M !! I’ve got nothing else to say but WATCH THIS VIDEO in which , was filmed the entire event and u’ll surely notice the amazing effort that made it happen .Eidôlon, 3D video Mapping – Earth Hour Tunisia 2013 []

or earth hour tunisia 



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5 thoughts on “MY EARTH HOUR 2013 EXPERIENCE :)

  1. Thank you Arwa for your activities in Challenge

    As you know there many other programs in Student challenge.

    Could you please post some thing new about other programs and hyperlink back to program in related page of challenge?


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  3. woow

    Arwa! this post is second one from your blog that has been chosen as one of the best 🙂


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