So today i’ve decided to write about a very widespread issue !

Every one of us has his time of isolation , you just feel that you need to stay away , avoid any kind of communicaton with the other .You feel that you’re always stuck at the same level , that you’re not moving on , that life is unfair .. it’s okay to feel that you need some time alone , but when you start running away from reality and enter illusion , then it will be harder to come back to real life !
Well , it seems difficult to overcome sadness and fear of losing , but when it’s always easy when you try ! =)

1.Always take a look around , you’ll notice that there are people are suffering , hurting , devastated ! there are many people whose lives are measurably worse than yours. So what! Their lives, no matter how terrible, are not your life, and your situation is unique to you.
you’ll learn that somtimes life can be unfair , but that doesn’t keep us from moving on . life goes on !

2.Try to examine your situation , see what’s really causing your depression , and analyze it . you’ll find out the problem and try to fix you , you know every problem has it’s solution =) nothing lasts for ever .

3.Never give in ,never say never and always be patient . You’re too young to be unhappy , so why getting sad for nothing ? and if you are , then stop beeing pessmist about everything . don’t look for shortcuts , work hard for it . It’s worth it !

4.Stay away from caffeine drinks , it could make your situation much worse . it affects your brain , your emotions and your ability to conquer the world ! Eat healthy food , vitamins or proteins that help you with your body care exercise .And you can practice your favorite hobby , like dancing , reading , listenning to music/singing or playing instruments ..

5.Get a pet 😀 . yes it seems dumb but it really works , you’ll learn how to be caring and loving , you’ll learn how to manage your time , how to be responsable .. And you’ll have a friend to play with , to talk to , to enjoy spending time with ! ..

Finally , the real key to your happiness is to be self confident , don’t underestimate yourself , YOU CAN DO IT ! 😀


yes you are <3

my 2nd challenge of the week’s post



  1. G’day Arwa,
    What a great post! I agree totally with your last sentence about being confident and not underestimating what you can do.

    Learning something new like blogging can be difficult for some people but following your image can make it an easier journey.

    Keep calm, stay positive and have-a-go as we say in Australia.

    PS Leave a link to the blogging challenge post in your post, that way I will get a pingback and you wont have to come to the challenge blog to leave a comment each time.

  2. thank you , i really appreciate your comment =) i feel flattered 😀
    well , im doing my best to learn how to blog better .
    but i didn’t get the part about the link , how can i do that ?

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