Favourite posts.

During this challenge , i read a lot of amazing posts about different subjects concerning many domains in life .

I really enjoyed those posts and i am excited to share my experience with you ..

I love art , creativity .. that’s why i really liked this post by my friend Julia  , in which, she writes her poems .

Another post that i loved , is my friend’s Chahinez post where she talks about our country Tunisia . It’s really interesting and significant . No one will regret reading it . 🙂

Well , as a teenager , i love action and suspense . This is exactly why i liked aziz‘s post about the secret hiding in the forest .It’s really good and well written . You’ll all enjoy it , im sure .


There are certainly much more posts to check , i’ve seen a lot of incredible stories , ideas , articles ..

I’ve learned a lot and i hope my posts are good enough to please everybody 🙂 

 game week 


So the first time i read the challenge post , i kept thinking what are the ten things i love the most ? ..


Then , 10 things jumped into my mind .

FIRST : Three days grace . It’s a rock band that i really like . i know all their songs and i wish my friends  would share my taste of music ! their music makes me wonder why does anybody would run away from his life searching for perfection that doesn’t even exist . IT’S NEVER TOO LATE  to make u’r world better =)


SECOND : Freud . When a teenager is asked about his idole , he tends to talk about a singer , a dancer , .. But mine is different . He’s the founding father of psychoanalysis . He developped therapeutic techniques that helped many patients get over their illness which -before Sigmund Freud- had no cure . This man went beyond the pale . For me , he saved humanity


THIRD : Shopping . It’s my remedy . When i go  shopping , i feel  free espacially after a bad day .. i just like picking out outfits , sandals , high heels, accessories and hand bags .. maybe for some of you ( guys) it’s stupid but for me it’s very important for us to chose our own style !


FORTH : FAVOURITE BOOK : Being a tunisian girl makes my 2nd language Frensh . so i read a lot of frensh books and my favourite one is “l’étranger” by ‘Albert Camus’ = “The stranger” . It’s more like a philosophic story about the life of an algerian man who lives in France . He commits murder but Albert Camus makes you feel like he’s not guilty by his words’ manipulation . Anyways , i read this book many times and it’s really life changing .


FIFTH : FAVOURITE MOVIE : The illusionist . Well , it’s a philosophical film for open minded people with great sense of intelligence . an amazing movie about magic and illusion AND it criticizes injustice and unfairness .. A must watch film .


SIXTH :  a blog post that i’ve written . this post  is one of the most touching of all my posts . What makes it special is that it’s really significant and it affected many people . when i wrote it , i knew it would be good to read but i didn’t know it will be this GREAT. i am very proud of my work and i am glad that i had the chance to express what i really feel about the loss of a loved one .


SEVENTH : Hawaii <3 . If would wake up in any place in the world next morning , it would certainly be HAWAII . It’s the perfect place to relax , enjoy calm and peace . Nature will communicate with you and make you feel you are not alone .. There , i’ll find my true self and clear my head . My dream is to go to Hawaii and never come back .


EIGHTH : My life . it’s strange but i love my life , i love my friends , my family , my religion , my way of living and my entourage . i can’t ask for more and i thank ALLAH for everything . I am thankful , and i don’t want to look for perfection , we can just take our own little thing and make it perfect 🙂 . Life is too short to be unsatisfied .just enjoy it .


NINTH : Food . i just love food . i am skinny but i eat very much . When i get angry , excited , happy , tired => i eat haha . It is kind of ridiculous but i do eat a lot and i am ashamed of it .


TENTH : Like they say , always save the best for the last : well my tenth favourite thing is YOU 😉 . yes it’s you 😉 .. i like people , i like talking to people , make new friends and communicate  . i like being helpful and kind . i love smiling and sharing . i give and i don’t expect anything in return . 🙂 it’s what makes me happy about who i am .


I hope u all enjoyed this post about favourites and like always , feel free to comment 😀 .


Be careful what you leave behind .

You’ve all certainly watched TV shows such as criminal minds ,CSI , NCIS … where they examine crime scenes and footprints looking for any evidence that could be related to the killer and may lead them to him .

Footprints , fingerprints even a hair can tell a lot .

It’s the same thing with DIGITAL FOOTPRINT  .

From Wikipedia ;

A digital footprint is the data trail left by interactions in a digital environment; including the use of TVmobile phone, the World Wide Web, the internet and other connected devices and sensors. Digital Footprints provide data on what has been performed in the digital environment (e.g. what you clicked on, searched for, Liked, where you went, your location, your IP address, what you said, what was said about you); and the data can be used in behavioural targetingbehavioral economicspersonalisationtargeted marketing, digital reputationsocial Influence and other social media or social graphing services. In social media, a digital footprint can refer to the size of a person’s “online presence” measured by the number of individuals with whom they interact.

Well , they’ll know everything about what you like , what you dislike , who you talk to , who you like , who you hate , your family’s interests , your family’s members …

First time i read about digital footprint , i laughed at it . I couldn’t believe technology can be this affecting and dangerously threatening .

What if it’s true -and it is- ? Wha’ts the first thing that jumps into your mind ?

Did wonder ‘when does my digital footprint start?’ ? of course you did .

Personally , i am not worried at all . In my country we are 100% safe and i am not exagerating because we truely are .

Companies and every major association in our country don’t really care about people’s internet profile or gathering information about them espacially when they’re aware of the requirement of their privacy otherwise it’s impossible for communities to develop .

Let’s call these intruders mister X .

In general , many people around the world feel that their privacy is violated by several authorities controling the web .

You visit different web sites during the day , you open your accounts (Facebook ,Twitter,Yahoo,…) , you comment , you chat with friends, you talk about everything  , you enter your personal informations to subscribe ..

Imagine if  mister X knew all these information about YOU .

Imagine he’s possesion of your dossier .

Wouldn’t he be able even to track you down and attack you ?

What can you do about it ?




Well , i did some research on the internet trying to figure out what could stop this from happening .

Check this video here .




Feel free to comment




6th challenge 






What could be the secret of a forest ?

It took me a really long time of meditation trying to figure out what could be a forest hiding ?

Eventually , i thought of an interesting idea that suddenly jumped in my head ;

So read it slowly and enjoy it 🙂 ..


There was a forest somewhere in the world , known with it’s great weather , tall trees , wonderful animals and amazing sights ..


However , we all know , perfection does not exist 😉 .. No one  truely knew the secret behind those shiny sunbeams ..

An old man once said about those woods  : “appearances can be deceiving , be careful of what those shiny sunbeams can hide” ..

What he was trying to tell us ?

Well , there was a cave on the top of the woods .. no body ever reached it because it’s too high , it almost touched the sky !

this cave is full of mystery and darkness . They say that a young man once climbed his way up to that cave , but never came back ..

what happened to him? is he still alive ? did he die ?

This young man explored the cave , wanted to take some photographs of it’s lovely figure .

But then , a creature came out , a big unknown animal hidden in that dark cave.

what is this animal? how is he surviving in such circumstances?what did he do to our young adventurer?


a lot of questions that neened to be answered !

This huge animal , is a rare creature from a very rare species . No one knows what it’s called , so we can name it ‘THE MONSTER’ . He eats rocks and metals. he is used to darkness and cannot handle sunshine .that’s why he chose that cave as a home.

When this young man showed up , the monster attacked him instantly . the man  couldn’t move , it was the first time he ever saw such a huge creature in his life .

what the legend says about monsters ” never make eye contact or provoke in any way” ..

our young adventurer didn’t know that . he just stood there looking at it , wondering what will happen.

the beast wouldn’t move , it had a weakness spot , he cannot handle seeing sun .

he tried to attack him , but he escaped to light . he run away , he was terrified , he fell and hit his head . he died.

the beast couldn’t follow him of course ..

im sure that all of you are thinking about how scary this monster is for getting this yound person killed.

how hidious it could be ..


the truth is  , it isn’t a monster , it’s a rare animal ,grew big for eating rocks and rough grass that countains high amount of proteins and mineral elements .

it wasn’t going to attack the man , because it’s not a beast. it’s just an animal that couldn’t even harm a rabbit .

it’s used to grass not humain flesh ..


Well , the point is , like i said earlier “appearances can be deceiving” ^^

Never judge too quickley  . You never know who’ll get hurt because of your lack of courtesy .



This forest’s secret wasn’t that extra ordinary but at least it could teach wise perspectives ..

I just wanted to share something more interesting ..I hope you liked it..


Feel free to comment =)


A very significant image that i wanted to share with you .

So , this is an image that i’ve found recently on the internet , i don’t know why i really felt that it could be an amazing image to write about .

And obviously i was right ..

Looking at this two persons , i can see a remarkable pain and sorrow !

This young man sitting at a step in what it seems to be a train station is apparently crying and devestating with his  head between his hands , the young woman seems to be comforting him by putting her hand on his shoulder .. But as we can see ,  the lady is almost invisible which means GHOST ..

So what happened , is that his young man lost his wife or his loved girlfriend and can’t just forget her and move on .

She is right there , but he can’t see her . She is consoling him , she is touching him , she can sense him but he can’t ..

she knows how much he’s suffering , she knows he couldn’t forget her .. she desperately trying to communicate with him but everybody knows it’s not possible ; she’s gone ! forever .

Losing a loved one, is the most painful thing that could ever  happen to any of us .. Destiny chooses .. It’s not up to us to decide when or where to die ..

We live under the fear of loss ! We live knowing that in every moment we could lose anyone .

A friend once told me that losing a loved one , can change us or even transform us . We pass from a happy life full of joy and perfection to a sad one full of sorrow and grief .. and without our knowing , we stard looking for answers or a way to forget . We’ll eventually realize that the real answer is to move on .. because we all know that if that person is here looking at us, she’d never  want to see us suffering like we do now.


For all those who had lost a dear persons , life goes on .. Remember that if they’re watching you , they’ll want you to smile not to cry . Remember that you can get stronger while thinking of them ..

They’re somewhere here , in u’r heart , in u’r thoughts , in u’r imagination , in u’r past ..

They are never lost ..



P.S : if u’d like to share u’r story with us , i’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you .. Just feel free to comment =)




4rth challenge 


you all have certainely heard about this event : earth hour 2013 !

It’s about turning off the lights for an hour in more than 152 countries around the world ! This event -which is dedicated to protect the planet , save mother nature and help create a better life for next generations – took place in my country TUNISIA 🙂 and im very proud to share with you our earth hour 2013 experience in Tunis Capital , Habib Bourguiba 23rd March =D

It all started at 8h30 P.M !! I’ve got nothing else to say but WATCH THIS VIDEO in which , was filmed the entire event and u’ll surely notice the amazing effort that made it happen .Eidôlon, 3D video Mapping – Earth Hour Tunisia 2013 [www.apowersoft.com]

or earth hour tunisia 



earth hour post

Paticipate in Earth hour :)

On Saturday 23 March 2012 at 8:30pm, we will join hundreds of millions of people across the globe in switching off the lights of its business premises for one hour –Earth Hour, the world’s largest public environmental action. By taking part in this global ‘LIGHTS OFF’ event we will be acknowledging its commitment to operational actions that benefit the planet in the year ahead. 😀
I would like to invite you, as a valued colleague, to join me and other bloggers in what promises to be an amazing and inspiring global celebration of our collective commitment to the planet. 🙂
In the lead up to Earth Hour 2013, I plan to take a close look at ways I can waste less and reduce
my ecological footprint – both at home and in the workplace – and will share my actions with the
world on www.earthhour.org as my personal commitment to go beyond the hour for Earth Hour.
Earth Hour began as a single-city initiative – in Sydney, Australia – in 2007 and has since grown
into a global movement with hundreds of millions of people from more than 7,000 cities and
towns in 152 countries/territories across every continent switching off their lights for Earth Hour,
creating history as the world’s greatest ever environmental action.
Some of the world’s most famous man-made marvels and natural wonders, including China’s
Forbidden City, Eiffel Tower, Table Mountain, Great Pyramids of Egypt, Buckingham Palace,
Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue, Niagara and Victoria Falls, Empire State Building, Sydney
Opera House and many more global icons stood in darkness as a powerful symbol of landmark
environmental action.
Earth Hour will be even bigger. It is a global call to action to every individual throughout the world
to take responsibility for their environmental impact and join a growing international community
who are committed to leading global environmental change.


To get a better sense of the magnitude and inspiring nature of the event, please    take a moment
to watch the Earth Hour 2013 official video at w

ww.youtube.com/earthhour .
I’m excited about Earth Hour 2013, both as a student blogger and as an individual. I hope you will join me and your colleagues in this important global initiative and encourage your family and friends to switch off their lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 23 March 2013 and make a c

ommitment to an action that benefits the planet beyond the hour.

Participating in Earth Hour is easy, fun and absolutely free. To get more information visit 
, where you can sign up to switch off, share your action and celebrate with
the people of the world your commitment to the one thing we all have in common – the planet.


Arwa Seghir 😀


So today i’ve decided to write about a very widespread issue !

Every one of us has his time of isolation , you just feel that you need to stay away , avoid any kind of communicaton with the other .You feel that you’re always stuck at the same level , that you’re not moving on , that life is unfair .. it’s okay to feel that you need some time alone , but when you start running away from reality and enter illusion , then it will be harder to come back to real life !
Well , it seems difficult to overcome sadness and fear of losing , but when it’s always easy when you try ! =)

1.Always take a look around , you’ll notice that there are people are suffering , hurting , devastated ! there are many people whose lives are measurably worse than yours. So what! Their lives, no matter how terrible, are not your life, and your situation is unique to you.
you’ll learn that somtimes life can be unfair , but that doesn’t keep us from moving on . life goes on !

2.Try to examine your situation , see what’s really causing your depression , and analyze it . you’ll find out the problem and try to fix you , you know every problem has it’s solution =) nothing lasts for ever .

3.Never give in ,never say never and always be patient . You’re too young to be unhappy , so why getting sad for nothing ? and if you are , then stop beeing pessmist about everything . don’t look for shortcuts , work hard for it . It’s worth it !

4.Stay away from caffeine drinks , it could make your situation much worse . it affects your brain , your emotions and your ability to conquer the world ! Eat healthy food , vitamins or proteins that help you with your body care exercise .And you can practice your favorite hobby , like dancing , reading , listenning to music/singing or playing instruments ..

5.Get a pet 😀 . yes it seems dumb but it really works , you’ll learn how to be caring and loving , you’ll learn how to manage your time , how to be responsable .. And you’ll have a friend to play with , to talk to , to enjoy spending time with ! ..

Finally , the real key to your happiness is to be self confident , don’t underestimate yourself , YOU CAN DO IT ! 😀


yes you are <3

my 2nd challenge of the week’s post



Hey everyone !

my  name is Arwa , im from Tunisia and i’ve decided to participate in this challenge to improve my english and to get to know people from around the world! it seems interesting to share posts , exchange comments  and try to write about different subjects every week !

so im 17 and i like dancing , listenning to music and i enjoy reading as well ! i like making new  friends so if you like my blog , you can comment and chat with me , it would be nice =)

i hope you like my posts ! im sure i’ll like yours !

Happy blogging 😀

my 1st post


Hey everyone , i wanted to share with you this post in wich i ask 10 questions to 10 particular people i would really want  to meet ! =) i hope you enjoy it ! LET’S START !

n°1 : Freud : who inspired you to begin your  very own famous human psychoanalytic ?

n°2 : Nietzschewhy did you say that ‘God is dead’ ?

n°3 : Oprah : how does it feel like to know that you have changed the world ?

n°4 : Nathaniel Hawthorn : why did you choose  Massachusetts ? and why did you called Ester’s daughter ‘Pearl’ ?

n°5 : Hitler : were you really happy with your accomplishments ?

n°6 : Elizabeth Bàthory : why did you kill all these people ! ?

n°7 : Obama : are you honest ?

n°8 : Mark : when did you decide to create Facebook ?

n°9 : Ben laden : did you really die or are you hiding somewhere ?

n° 10 : Marylin Monroe : who killed you ? 🙁

my 1st post